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    FreeBSD 12 STABLE: Wacom bamboo fun CTH-661 how to

    To get your wacom bamboo fun CTH-661 working, start by installing xf86-input-wacom and adding this to your /etc/rc.conf: devd_enable="YES" #To use a wacom tablet webcamd_enable="YES" #To use a wacom tablet (and a webcam if you have it) Then do: cp...
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    Some Issues with Wacom Tablet (X230)

    Hi, I recently installed FreeBSD on my X230 tablet and nearly everything works perfectly. But I have two issues with the Wacom things: The touch screen behaves strangly: At about every second touch the pointer moves only half the way from it's current to it's new position and it is...
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    Wacom Intuos on 11 Release

    I initially installed 11 RCs - 10 and earlier don't have drivers for the USB on the motherboard so I can't even install from a USB drive. On RC3 a Wacom Inuos appeared to be working following the instructions at https://wiki.freebsd.org/WacomTablet although I didn't have chance to test fully...