1. J

    Downfall: Another Intel CPU Hardware Vulnerability

    Seems like we got blessed with another CPU vulnerability, this time on Intel's side: Better update your microcodes!
  2. C

    status of Spectre / Meltdown mirigations in 2021

    Hi all, On the subject of the various Spectre and Meltdown CPU vulnerabilities discovered in 2017-2018, I tried to find information if FreeBSD is currently fully patched to mitigate them, but I couldn't find any answer. (For comparison, Windows 10 and Ubuntu currently implement mitigations...
  3. French Fries

    FreeBSD vulnerability scan

    Dear friends, I switched only recently to FreeBSD from Debian GNU/Linux. Is there an equivalent of debsecan for FreeBSD? debsecan scans all installed packages and looks for vulnerabilities in the CVE database: Example: debsecan --suite=sid CVE-2017-11333...
  4. geek

    Recent vulnerabilities (libarchive, freebsd-update, etc.)

    Hello. I think the community has been undesirably quiet and secretive about the recent known vulnerabilities, such as these: Are there still other known vulnerabilities currently? I'm considering installing FreeBSD...
  5. sidetone

    Solved Package vulnerability vuxml warning on desktop startup

    I kind of have an idea for how to make a popup for when a vulnerability is presented. For the root crontab I have @reboot pkg audit -F @hourly pkg audit -F I can use pkg audit as a non-root user to find the alert, but this doesn't alert me automatically when it becomes present. Next, I found...
  6. S


    First of all I'm sorry that this thread will appear to be off topic but I searched SECURITY category and is not present, so I wrote this here, in this category where, I think, are more services affected on a server. Well, in this morning I read the internal mail and found out that my server has...