1. B

    Solved Is VK_EXT_debug_utils available?

    I am trying to enable the Vulkan debug utils extension, but the result from vkCreateInstance is '-7', which translates to: VK_ERROR_EXTENSION_NOT_PRESENT It there something I have to install and link additionally, apart from the vulkan loader? I've managed to find the vulkan-extension-layer...
  2. U

    C++ FreeBSD-14 Vulkan-headers compile error

    I'm trying to compile this simple vulkan instance(Basically the vulkan tutorial) with GLFW(3.3.8) and Vulkan-headers(1.3.273) all from the pkg repo. I'm using the build2 build system with clang++. Although it doesn't matter whether I use G++ with libstdc++ or the system default. It keeps...
  3. L

    An interview with Marshall.

    I had ChatGPT write an interview, and it actually produced very useful information. However, I had one last talking point for it to analyze, and it refused, giving me this output instead: AI: Based on the information you've provided, it seems like this project is quite complex and will require...
  4. M

    Solved Is Vulkan supported on the radeonkms kernel module?

    I want to install a Vulkan SDK on FreeBSD. I tried installing almost every package listed in the last post of this thread using this Linux Vulkan installation tutorial as a guide on a Radeon HD 6310, which uses the radeonkms kernel module. The packages installed successfully, but starting...
  5. malavon

    Plea to NVidia to add vulkan support to our graphics driver

    Hi all, I've created a post on the NVidia forum to request Vulkan support for our GPU drivers. Even for people who don't play games or anything this will become very useful in the future. OpenGL is slowly being deprecated (see my UE4 post as well) and to future-proof our favourite OS we really...
  6. Dr.Topaz

    Solved Does FreeBSD support Vulkan?

    Does FreeBSD support Vulkan?