Solved Does FreeBSD support Vulkan?


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Support for grahpics APIs happens at the driver level. The driver for your GPU needs to support Vulkan, not FreeBSD. So the real question is whether the driver for your make and model of GPU that's available for FreeBSD supports Vulkan. My guess would be "no."


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This from nVidia implies nVidia cards do but I haven't checked for FreeBSD specifically but nVidia supports FreeBSD.
If you’re a GeForce gamer, you already have what you need to take advantage of what the Vulkan API can do. If you’re a developer, you will now have the choice of a new tool that will give you more control, and greater performance, on a broad range of devices.
A post on the nVidia forum from a year ago said Vulkan support would be the same as with opengl

And, finally:
Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 364.12
Added support for the Vulkan API version 1.0.
So the answer is yes.