1. I

    bhyve Error when starting bhyve vm with "fbuf" (for VNC access)

    I'm trying to a virtual maching via VNC using bhyve on FreeBSD 13.3 by adding: and got the following error: How do I resolve this error? What should I be looking at? Please give me some clues...
  2. R

    How to type on a virtual screen via a physical keyboard?

    Hi all, What I am looking for is a method to view the screen of another machine via VNC,X11 Forwarding or other method but I want to type on that screen with a keyboard that is physically attached to the machine. Here the setup: Machine 1 with screen1 (and keyboard1) Machine 2 without screen2...
  3. kr0m

    Start xfce inside Xvfb in headless jail and show it via VNC

    Hello, i am trying to get Xorg working wiht xfce in a headless jail, the idea is to connect to a VNC server for displaying xfce. I have installed the following software: pkg install xorg xorg-vfbserver xfce x11vnc Enabled dbus, im not sure if it is mandatory: sysrc dbus_enable="YES" service...
  4. JozanOfAstora

    Solved Remote desktop control

    Hi! I am not sure this is the right forum to post in but here's what I need: I have set up a monitoring server running FreeBSD 13.1-RC5 for my company attached to a big TV screen. Xorg is running on it, displaying various monitoring apps. I'd like my colleges and mylself to be able to remote...
  5. I

    libglvnd-1.3.3 conflicts with mesa-libs-20.2.3

    I'm trying to install tigervnc-viewer and hit with the following error: I have xorg and KDE installed on my system. Should I remove the "mesa-libs" as advised by this? What should I do? Please advise.
  6. I

    Controlling maximum number of users can access VNC simultaneously

    I wondering where is the configuration to increase or set the maximum limit of VNC users or sessions for VNC servers software such as TightVNC or TigerVNC? I mean, to restrict and control the number of maximum number of people can view the screen by VNC?
  7. I

    bhyve VNC access to bhyve (password and increasing or limiting max. users/sessions)

    I have two questions regarding using bhyve: 1. Is it possible to add a password to access via VNC (for the "-s 29,fbuf,tcp=,w=800,h=600" feature). 2. And, I noticed that if I try to access by a second VNC user/session, nothing shows up until the first user terminates the session...
  8. I

    bhyve Strange problem of "mouse pointer becoming unclickable" in bhyve VM

    I'm now experiencing a strange problem of the "mouse pointer becoming unclickable" inside a bhyve VM. Host OS: FreeBSD 13 bhyve command: (partial) -s 29,fbuf,tcp=,w=1200,h=1000 \ -s 31,lpc \...
  9. I

    bhyve copy and paste with bhyve VMs with FreeBSD host?

    I'm accessing bhyve VMs via VNC with the "-s fbuf" option, and the OpenBSD VM has Xfce installed. Is it possible to copy and paste with bhyve VMs and the FreeBSD host?
  10. I

    bhyve Cannot type into bhyve OpenBSD guest (ie. not keyboard input)

    I'm trying to install/configure OpenBSD bhyve guests, by following these instructions. Host OS: FreeBSD 13 Guest OS: OpenBSD 6.9 First, when I connect to the VM using VNC, I notice that it actually uses a different console. The text which are output the KDE Konsole terminal console is different...
  11. J

    Solved SSH tunnel to access bhyve VNC over jump host

    Simple scenario: Desktop [A] ---- <internet> --- SSH jumphost [B] --- <local net> --- bhyve host [C] When I want to SSH from A to C, I simply do this: ssh -J user@ where points to B and is the local address of C (reachable by B)...
  12. samTopaz

    Android Tablet as Second Monitor

    Hello, I've recently gotten an android tablet and I would like to use it as a second monitor for my laptop (over USB.) I have made some progress towards this goal. However I have encountered two issues. I have been following this guide...
  13. dave

    No VNC connection with bhyve?

    Hello, I am using vm-bhyve to try and run a Windows install. All seems good, but when I try to connect with VNC, I get no response. The only thing I have done differently that the usual path is to use a manual switch, since I already have one configured using iohyve. I'm testing vm-bhyvve...
  14. jdb

    vm-bhyve problems with after updating to 12.0-RELEASE

    Hey guys, After I did the update to 12.0-RELEASE I am having problems with sysutils/vm-bhyve. OS: FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE r341666 GENERIC amd64 vm-bhyve version: v1.2-p3 (build 102071) vmm_load: enabled I am trying to install windows (new install).. When...