1. PKraszewski

    Simple netgraph sniffer via ng_ether drops VLAN information.

    Hello! Im creating a software to sniff/inject packets by netgraph subsystem (test rig for some embedded device). Just a simple ng_socket attached to ng_ether's lower hook. A simple sudo nghook epair3a: lower | hexdump -C has the same behavior. While I can inject even the wildest packets...
  2. B

    Solved multiples vlans in a bridge?

    I would like to be able to only some vlans in a bridge for example: bridges are done over a lagg. vlan1, vlan2, vlan3 in bridge0, vlan100, vlan102 in bridge1 all interfaces add in bridge receive tagged vlans. What would be the right way to achieve it? All the examples I saw seem to...
  3. G

    How can I create VLANs faster or in a batch?

    I have a project that sometimes requires configuring a lot of vlans, but when I try to, for example, configure 100 vlans, it takes about 2 minutes, and when creating more vlans, that grows linearly, so it takes about 20 minutes for creating 1000 vlans, and over an hour for 4000 vlans. Is there a...
  4. K

    Using VLANS to connect VNET jails to WAN?

    I know I've started a few threads here about odd networking experiments that I am running in VNET jails. Still haven't figured anything out about those when using epair(4) interfaces. So I thought I'd try a different strategy using VLAN interfaces instead. And this time, include a (janky)...
  5. vorell

    Trouble with VLANs & VM-Bhyve

    Backstory: A long time linux user, I tried FreeBSD on digitalocean a few years back. Now I'm to the point where my entire cloud & home infrastructure is FreebSD based- pfsense, FreeNAS, and a FreeBSD application server. Server Specifications: Release: FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4 CPU: Intel(R)...
  6. Farhan Khan

    Jails different VLANs can still communicate?

    I first created two vlans, as follows: ifconfig vlan1 create vlan 1 vlandev em0 ifconfig vlan1 ifconfig vlan2 create vlan 2 vlandev em0 ifconfig vlan2 I then created two jails as follows: vlan1 { path = /usr/jail/vlan1; allow.mount; mount.devfs...
  7. post.ed

    how to add to sysctl (/proc) VLAN devices

    hello dear friends, I installed the Monitorix, but it does not display data from vlans (em1, em0 - all is well) the developer said "Monitorix takes the values of the network interfaces directly from /proc/net/dev check if your network interfaces appear there" as far as I understand /proc was...
  8. Alejandro

    bridge with default VLAN

    Hello everyone! I need help with bridging VLANs and "tap" interfaces for bhyve-VMs. I assume I have misunderstood of networking basics here so please don't kick me too hard. I've already asked at the churchers/vm-bhyve (https://github.com/churchers/vm-bhyve/issues/155), but no solution so far...
  9. J

    Solved Partial connectivity issues from bhyve guests to jails and host*

    Please help, I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of weeks now. I need a new set of eyes on this problem. Attached is a diagram to better illustrate the configuration. To sum up the issue: Can ping any host to any host Can fully communicate from/to other physical hosts to the...