virtual machines

  1. Sivan!

    Solved Network bridge set up for bhyve debian & ubuntu vm instances

    In freebsd 13.1 release p1, I have installed bhyve following instructions from this page. a minimal version of debian, the installation went well except that the bridge specified did not work. I could finish installation, reboot the vm, and also could set up a script as outlined in Step 8 of...
  2. jdb

    Solved Installation problems with iohyve (Windows 10)

    Hey guys :) I am currently trying to install Windows 10 using iohyve and ZFS. Problem: Can't install Windows apparently iohyve/bhyve could not open the iso file... Output of iohyve install myvmname Win10_1803_German_x64.iso: root@server:~ # iohyve install myvmname Win10_1803_German_x64.iso...
  3. B

    Limit of VMs in FBSD

    Well, don't punish me this time -it's a joke- . This thread it's not about an specific error, but so a "strange" thing that i have seen in my PC. Running FBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p6, with an arch of i386. So, i can say that this, more than an error, it's a warning. You'll see: i have created recently...