Solved Installation problems with iohyve (Windows 10)



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Hey guys :)

I am currently trying to install Windows 10 using iohyve and ZFS.

Problem: Can't install Windows apparently iohyve/bhyve could not open the iso file...

Output of iohyve install myvmname Win10_1803_German_x64.iso:

root@server:~ # iohyve install myvmname Win10_1803_German_x64.iso
Installing myvmname...
bhyveload: Could not open '/iohyve/ISO/Win10_1803_German_x64.iso/Win10_1803_German_x64.iso'
root@server:~ # bhyve: Could not open backing file: /iohyve/ISO/Win10_1803_German_x64.iso/Win10_1803_German_x64.iso: Not a directory

root@server:~ #
Output of iohyve getall myvmname:
root@server:~ # iohyve getall myvmname
Getting myvmname iohyve properties...
bargs          -H_-w
bhyve_path     /usr/sbin/bhyve
boot           0
con            nmdm0
cpu            2
description    Tue Aug 21 20:03:12 CEST 2018
fw             /usr/local/share/uefi-firmware/BHYVE_UEFI.fd
install        yes
loader         uefi
name           myvmname
os             default
persist        1
ram            4096M
sectorsize     512
size           32G
tap            tap0
template       NO
utc            YES
vnc            YES
vnc_h          600
vnc_port       5900
vnc_tablet     YES
vnc_w          800
vnc_wait       YES
root@server:~ #
Thanks in advance :)