virtual interface

  1. J

    Simulating WLAN-Mesh (802.11s) with Jails

    Hi, I want to simulate at least 100 nodes of an 802.11s network, but each of the nodes has to run some java code. The java code reads from the routing tables. The packages between the nodes as well as the network interfaces should be simulated. Is FreeBSD/Jails a reasonable choice? Could a...
  2. A

    Advice needed for networking multiple jails with openvpn

    Greetings! I am having trouble understanding how to configure my network in the manner I desire. I googled around and searched the forums and have come across all kinds of stuff however I'm not sure what is best practice and such. I saw a lot of terms such as aliases, dummy interfaces, taps...
  3. F

    FreeBSD - create subinterface with IP on different subnet

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out whether/how it may be possible on FreeBSD to create a network subinterface with a different network subnet IP. I do not want to use the concept of "alias" (multiple IPs on single interface). I would like to use a subinterface of a parent. On Linux I can do this...
  4. andrian

    how create virtual interface (as Cisco vlan)

    Hi, please help me. I want create virtual interface, but vlan is tagged! How create virtual interface and tie to real interface (physical) as on Cisco vlan access port?