video acceleration

  1. A

    i915kms gpu hung on Freebsd-12.2-RELEASE-p1

    Hi, First of all I am new to freebsd, so I apologize in advance if I make a mistake about something. I had used freebsd before, but I only used it for about a week on the same pc. I recently installed the latest freebsd release, installed xorg and tried to install some desktop environments like...
  2. helmet1080

    Other AMD/ATI HD 4250 series goes slow

    Hi. I installed Awesome as a desktop manager, and it's working bad. When I installed KDE Plasma, all behaved as expected. I installed kde5, sddm; did the respective configurations, and installed xorg. And worked just fine. Now I don't know what's wrong with the awesome desktop. I added my user...
  3. RedPhoenix

    I got Video Acceleration!!..... :D I think..... :)

    So after running Xorg -configure, and using the SCFB Driver, Wine doesn't report any issues with the Display..... :D Now, when I run Wine64, or Wine, either gives me the error that err:winedevice:ServiceMain Failed to load L"win32k.sys" Any advice.....? :3 Also, is there any way I can...