1. N

    Converting OTF/TTF fonts to FNT for usage in vt

    I'm currently setting up a new FreeBSD 12 install, and would like to use a custom font in the vty. The font in question is Hack, and I'm using vt as vty console driver. I've looked through all relevant manpages I found (vt, vtfontcvt, vidcontrol, vidfont), and tried different ways and tools of...
  2. h0m3

    Solved vidcontrol missing modes

    Hello, I'm trying to change the console resolution to anything different from the default "640x400" and i have some problems. When i run vidcontrol -i mode i got 511 different modes, all with the same resolution 671404428x671404428 but i cannot change to any of that. Running vidcontrol -i...
  3. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    X coexisting with 80x25 virtual consoles

    On 10.2-RELEASE, I quickly discovered that if I bring up X and want to go to a virtual console by pressing, say <Alt><F2>, I need to place into /boot/loader.conf: kern.vty=vtI discovered an unpleasant side effect, though. When I go from X to a virtual console, I don't get the old-fashioned...