1. edenist

    VAAPI X11 driver only works as root

    I'm running 12-STABLE on a Thinkpad X1 [1st gen] which has an i5-3330u w/ HD4000 GPU. I've had it installed and running on this machine since 10.3 or so without issue, but I recently noticed VAAPI wasn't being used with mpv anymore. Up until recently [erm, possibly the last few months I...
  2. K

    How to get accelerated H.264 video decoding on Radeon GPUs?

    Hi, first of all, I have been working with Linux servers for 15 years as a system administrator so I'm not new to the world of UNIX-based OSes, but absolutely new to BSDs of any kind. After having used Linux for such a long time, I wanted to try something else and also, get a bit more familiar...
  3. awi

    VAAPI on Intel

    Is somthing wrong with this packages? $ pkg info | grep libva libva-1.8.3 VAAPI wrapper and dummy driver libva-intel-driver-1.8.3 VAAPI intel driver libva-utils-1.8.3 Collection of tests and utilities for VAAPI $ vainfo error: can't connect to X server...