1. ilya-shmel

    Add usermod, passwd and pkg events to syslog(-ng)

    Hello! I work with FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE amd64 and send logs to a log-collector server (Debian 10 Buster). There's syslog-ng that have the config. Here's some additional lines to send logs to the remote server: 161 #log { source(src); destination(loghost); }; 162 destination lc_net {...
  2. B

    How to authorize an user non root

    I'm trying to install a desktop environment in one account that isn't root. But I can't. It says that the user doesn't appear in the "sudoers" file. Give me a moment and I'll give you the specific output.
  3. D

    How to automatically lock user accounts after x failed login attempts

    Hi there , Could someone point me in the right direction for howto automatically lock user accounts on FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-pX after a number of failed login attempts and optionally to automatically unlock the account again after a specified time?. Many thanks daz
  4. Charlie Root

    Solved auth.log for new user is created

    Hi, Can someone help to know how to log the action create new user by adduser command to /var/log/auth.log file? Thank for your help!
  5. Heretiiik

    Solved Schizophrenic `pw'

    Hi guys, I've tried to install sysutils/munin-node from ports but it failed at user creation stating User munin nonexistant. Create the user and retry. From it's makefile I learned that it cheks if the user exists with pw user show munin, with expected result pw: no such user `munin'. But when I...
  6. F

    Solved Unknown username after update

    Afternoon all, It looks like I made an error when I last did a mergemaster and wiped a number of users from my system, I now get messages like the following on boot: Unknown username "polkit" in message bus configuration file The users it complained about are: polkit avahi polkitd colord...