1. F

    How to create/add a system account

    Hi Forums This one has been bugging me for quite some time now: how do you create (or remove, for that matter) a "system account" in FreeBSD? The Handbook's section mentions "Systems Accounts" and what they are used for (to run software), but does not say how to set one up: Users and...
  2. DenisVS

    OBS Studio does not work under user

    Hi! I want to stream my online video to Youtube. The most appropriate software is OBS Studio. multimedia/obs-studio Under the user obs does not work: info: --------------------------------- info: audio settings reset: samples per sec: 44100 speakers: 2 The X11 connection...
  3. C

    libcdio as non-root user

    This issue has been doing my head in for hours and to be honest I've just run out of ideas. I'm trying to use libcdio to access my /dev/cd0 drive as a normal user (in group operator) but it just isn't having it. However, root works fine. Testing with a couple of programs I've found the port...
  4. daBee

    Exit to user from SU in bash script

    Is there a way I can initiate a script as root, then exit to my normal admin user (sudoers) to accomplish further tasks as the user? I tried exit but the script stopped completely. Things like RVM like to be installed using the user.