libcdio as non-root user

This issue has been doing my head in for hours and to be honest I've just run out of ideas.

I'm trying to use libcdio to access my /dev/cd0 drive as a normal user (in group operator) but it just isn't having it. However, root works fine.

Testing with a couple of programs I've found the port libcdio-paranoia to be the easiest to try it out with.

cd-paranoia -v -Q works fine as root but as a user in group operator it returns "
Unable find or access a CD-ROM drive with an audio CD in it."

I've also tried cd-paranoia -v -d /dev/cd0 -Q which again works fine for root but as a user returns
"**ERROR: fread (): Invalid argument"

Hopefully it's something simple but I can't for the life of me work out where this fread() is in the libcdio-paranoia source and what's causing the issue! I assume it's something to do with permissions but which permissions on what I have no idea.

It's worth mentioning that non-libcdio programs (eg. normal cdparanoia) don't have an issue with the drive when running as the user.

Hopefully someone can help.
Run it under truss(1) and upload the log somewhere: truss -f -o cdparanoia.log cd-paranoia -v -d /dev/cd0 -Q

It might offer some insight where it fails as a normal user and why.

Ran that command and found this line in the resulting log file: "openat(AT_FDCWD,"/dev/pass1",O_RDWR,00) = 4 (0x4)".
And /dev/pass1's permissions are set to: crw------- 1 root operator 0x46 Apr 12 03:44 /dev/pass1 so RDWR wouldn't work for non-root.

Running chmod g+rw /dev/pass1 sorted the problem out and now it works as a user in the operator group.

So that leads me on to a question about setting this when the device is created. In /etc/devfs.conf I'll set cd0 to be owned by a "cd" group with 0660 but what about the CAM passthrough device? Should I just assume it's always pass1 and use that in devfs.conf or is there a better way to make sure the passthrough device matches up to cd0?