usb wireless

  1. N

    USB Wireless adapter

    Hi guys, I have a usb wireless adapter with the chipset: Atheros ar9271. I want to know if its compatible with freebsd and if is not compatible will be someday? Thanks.
  2. K

    USB wireless adapter interface configuration requires "service netif restart" after reboot

    So I have been tried to setup a wireless connection on start up but it seems that the system does not see the wireless adapter when bringing up the interface, which is loaded later After reboot service netif restart outputs this: Stopping Network: lo0 em0. lo0...
  3. jayxkanz666


    Hey! So this is my second thread on the FreeBSD forums, and I'm trying to get the USB-AC51 by ASUS to work in FreeBSD. In the FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE release notes, it says that "urtwn(4) has been updated to support the ASUS USB-AC51", so it's supposed to be working. I've tried putting...