usb mouse

  1. Abraham79

    Solved Cannot move pointer to the bottom of the screen in virtual console with a Logitech B100 USB mouse.

    I observed this recently only. In virtual terminal, mouse works only approximately 2cm before the bottom end of the screen. It is a logitech B100 USB mouse. I drew the selection line to show the maximum possible area where the mouse pointer can go downwards: :~% cat /etc/rc.conf...
  2. B

    Solved MouseTrapper advanced not working

    So I have worked on trying to get FreeBSD up and running and trying to use it (trying to swap from linux), but I had a whole lot of trouble trying to get my MouseTrapper to work. I have at this point done: taken the usb out, and replugged it, reinstalled FreeBSD (once or twice) and now I have...
  3. 1

    Mouse does not work through a KVM switch

    Hello. I have a problem with usb KVM switch (D-Link DKVM-4U). The keyboard works fine but the mouse refuses to work. If connect the mouse directly, and then connect via KVM then it will work until reboot. How to fix it? Thanks in advance.