usb ethernet

  1. F

    Solved No route to host using USB Tethering (rc.conf DHCP ifconfig not setting up ue0)

    PLEASE IGNORE THIS ! This post was made late in the night in the middle of frenzied network troubleshooting. I was not thinking stright. It is not possible to configure DHCP for ue0 on bootup, and given the nature of USB Tethering, it is not useful even if it did exist. You will always have the...
  2. Nicola Mingotti

    Autoconfigure ue0 on device connection

    Hi guys, Finally I had a day free to do some first tests with my new BeagleBone(s) Green. I did not change the OS on the BBG for now. I want to make some tests with Grove stuff on Linux first. When I first connect the BBG to FreeBSD-11.1 via usb, FreeBSD correctly shows me in dmesg urndis0 on...
  3. K

    USB Ethernet adapter (AX88179) Issue

    Hi, I am having problem with USB Ethernet adapter (AX88179) running FreeBSD 11.1, all the ethernet functions work, but it has much lower throughput compare the same PC running Debian 9. I tested it by running iperf3 between two PCs, the results show high Retr count. The AX88179 is listed under...
  4. K

    USB Ethernet adapter Setup Issues

    Hi, I am building firewall using pfsense 2.4.0-BETA (11.0-RELEASE-p11) on Dell E6330, with Microsoft USB Ethernet adapter. Even though it is not on the compatible HW list, I am able to bring it up as LAN interface, and the firewall works properly with multiples PCs on the LAN. However, the...