usb audio

  1. byrnejb

    How to set default sound input device

    FreeBSD-12.3p2 I am trying to set up an A/V capability for chrome. Unlike firefox the chrome browser does not enumerate all of the available sound input devices. It only lists default as the available device. The input device I have configured is a Microsoft-Microsoft-LifeCam-HD-3000 . The...
  2. B

    Bitperfect to usb audio

    Hello. I have Motu m2. Freebsd 13 is installed on my laptop. I'm trying to send bitperfect audio to usb interface but unfortunately get distorted and dirty signal. I seted dev.pcm.3.bitperfect=1 What do I do wrong?
  3. olli@

    Using Bluetooth audio devices (speaker, headphones, earbuds) with FreeBSD

    Here’s just a small recommendation if you want to connect Bluetooth audio devices to a FreeBSD machine, such as wireless speakers or headphones. Unfortunately, FreeBSD’s support for Bluetooth audio devices is rather weak. Some devices work via the virtual_oss port, but many don’t work. It also...
  4. vandykmarsu

    Solved 2.1 Speaker kit USB Audio

    I share here a find to use a 2.1 speaker kit USB plugged. Adding USB Driver. Add driver snd_uaudio to rc.conf: sudo nano /etc/rc.conf Paste: snd_uaudio="YES" Automating boot: sudo nano /boot/loader.conf Paste: snd_uaudio_load="YES" Loading the driver: kldload snd_driver Output...
  5. herrbischoff

    Solved Presonus AudioBox USB not recognized

    I'm running a headless FreeBSD 11 box at home. Now, I'd like to use the server as a music player as well. As the interface worked without a problem on all other OS's I tried it (including Linux), I thought about giving it a shot on FreeBSD as well. Unfortunately this did not work out as...
  6. marcelbonnet

    Solved USB MIDI Keyboard Controller And Non USB MIDI

    Let me share an experience with another user: Problem: USB Akai MPK 25 MIDI keyboard controller, how to get it working ? First, we need a driver. And for USB audio class devices, a good guy gaves one: snd_uaudio. Let's clarify things talking about how to do it with non USB MIDI Controllers ...