uefi boot

  1. razetime

    FreeBSD bootable media not working on Dell Vostro 16 5630 laptop

    I did some prior reading about dell laptops which was not applicable here: https://wiki.freebsd.org/Laptops#A-F https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/unable-to-install-freebsd-bios-freezes-with-usb.83575/ Laptop information: System Manufacturer: Dell Inc. System Model: Vostro...
  2. M

    netboot problem with loader.efi and nfsroot

    I am attempting to boot FreeBSD (base.txz and kernel.txz of 14-CURRENT snapshot) over the network with nfsroot. My DHCP/NFS server is Ubuntu 20.04 and running dnsmasq for DHCP. It boots a legacy BIOS mode client machine with pxeboot and nfsroot without problem. My loader.conf is...
  3. egoholic

    Issue with installing FreeBSD 13.1 from memstick on Acer Aspire 5

    I'm very new to FreeBSD and trying to instal FreeBSD 13.1 as the only OS on my new Acer Aspire 5 (A515-45G-R57J) with memstick. I used that instruction to create a bootable memstick: https://docs.freebsd.org/en/books/handbook/bsdinstall/#bsdinstall-usb on macos and downloaded the following...
  4. S

    Failed to find bootable partition - could be a bug of loader.efi on FreebSD 13?

    I use UEFI boot. /boot/loader.efi has been copied to /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi of a proper ESP partition and we can see it was actually called by the UEFI. It won't go on the next boot stage. disk1p3 is actually that boot partition with /boot, but why loader.efi won't recognize it as a bootable...
  5. spmzt

    Solved ZFS/GELI Reboot Failure

    Hi, In a fresh installed FreeBSD 13 with ZFS/GELI, When I reboot or power on the system, I get the following error after entering the storage password. GELI Passphrase for disk0p4: Calculating GELI Decryption Key for disk0p4: 2224665 iterations... .... zio_read error: 45 zio_read error: 45...
  6. megarubber

    Solved FreeBSD can’t boot

    Hello everyone. I have a computer with Windows, Arch and Lubuntu and all these systems are booting from a Multi-Boot. Recently, I decided to download freebsd for some tests and decided to put the OS in my multi-boot. I allocated 20 GB, installed in UEFI/GPT and made 3 partitions from UFS...
  7. G

    Installed FreeBSD13 but doesnt show up in UEFI options

    After using Linux for several years, I decided to install FreeBSD. However, my system seems to be unable to detect the installed boot loader. efibootmgr shows that the boot loaderfile is "null", is that relevant? My boot loader is in /dev/ada0p1/EFI/BOOT/BOOTx64.EFI I booted with a live USB...
  8. G

    Issue with GRUB in dual-boot Ubuntu 20.10/FreeBSD 12.2

    Hi dear Daemons I tried to make a dual-boot with Ubuntu 20.10 and FreeBSD 12.2. To help me, I followed this great tuto: https://hauweele.net/~gawen/blog/?p=2252 When I try to boot FreeBSD from my GRUB menu entry, I got the error "Image has invalid negative size". Booting on Ubuntu works...
  9. Argentum

    Solved UEFI boot anomaly after update to 12.2

    Hello! Just recently I updated desktop machine from 12.1 to 12.2. Compiled wold and custom kernel, installed and everything looked good. Then updated the zpool version, which then advised me to update the boot partition. Agree, that updating the boot loader with command gpart bootcode -p...
  10. mamrezo

    Install FreeBSD 13.0 alongside with other OS's on UEFI system via GRUB2 (Multiboot)

    Hi there, Nowadays, UEFI boot and multiboot is a matter for all of us. We have more storage, GPT let us have many primary partitions and after all, with a boot loader like GRUB you will do it, Have a system with a few OS for Gaming, Developing, Testing, Work, etc. Most setups end like this: 1...
  11. U

    Grub error: Image has invalid negative size

    I have a multiboot configuration. I can boot anything without Grub2. But Grub only works with Windows(Veracrypt) and Ubuntu. Initially the current branch was installed, but now I am using the 12.0 RELEASE. When I try to start FreeBSD with Grub, this happens: Booting a command list error: Image...
  12. J

    Does Freebsd support direct UEFI booting?

    The Freebsd Handbook, section 12.2 on the boot process, contains a note that seems to state that Freebsd does not support direct UEFI booting. The concern is that on our two Freebsd machines, the BIOS are set for UEFI. The note reads: Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks in advance.
  13. P

    No UEFI entry after FreeBSD install with refind

    Good day everyone! I apologize if this appears as a redundant post, but I haven't been able to find a solution to the issue from my searches online, so I'm hoping I can get some help here! I installed FreeBSD on my Lenovo y700-15ISK with Win10 in UEFI without secure boot using the following...
  14. D

    Other DELL R740xd and PERC H730 - cannot import foreign config drives when using UEFI boot

    I am new to UEFI boot systems, but I can't find an answer to this question. We have always used BIOS boot up until the newest DELL 14G systems. FreeBSD 10.3 on a DELL R740xd system - the boot drive was configured as UEFI boot and system changed from BIOS to UEFI boot. But when I install a...