1. P

    Touch Panel Support

    I have recently started exploring the possibilities of BSD. I am having trouble getting a eGalax touch screen to work. I have exhausted all google searches and now reaching out to the BSD community for help finding a solution. I am running a basic X-Server and have the initial touch event...
  2. olli@

    Touchscreen support

    I would like to buy a small monitor with touchscreen feature, e.g. this one or this one (non-affiliate Amazon links). Since I haven’t used a touchscreen with FreeBSD before, I have a few questions … Does FreeBSD support the touchscreen feature of monitors like the ones above? (Apparently it’s...
  3. J

    Touchscreen for Raspberry: love or hate?

    Hi, I plan to use FreeBSD as the system for a Raspberry project. But I need touch and multitouch support for LCD screens (any advice on the brand?) There lies my fear. I don't know if FreeBSD is a risky path here or not... I fundamentally prefer FreeBSD over anything else since we always use...