Touchscreen support



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I would like to buy a small monitor with touchscreen feature, e.g. this one or this one (non-affiliate Amazon links).
Since I haven’t used a touchscreen with FreeBSD before, I have a few questions …
  1. Does FreeBSD support the touchscreen feature of monitors like the ones above? (Apparently it’s connected via USB and uses the uhid protocol. Windows doesn’t need a proprietary vendor driver, so I assume the touch function uses some standard protocol.)
  2. I would like to use the touchscreen feature from within my own program (in C or Python). Is this possible?
  3. Does it work in the text console (vt(4)), too, or does it require an driver? Would be cool if I had both options, so I could write text-based (curses(3)) programs that react to touch gestures, as well as programs (e.g. Python + Tkinter).
I do not need it as a mouse replacement, e.g. to control a browser with the touchscreen. Would be ok if that worked, too, but I don’t really need it.



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It would be interesting to know. The touch function uses an usb connector, so if it behaves like a usb mouse / touchpad it could probably work in console too. No personal experience with these, sorry.