1. T

    base/head - TLS support to the kernel RPC added

    For those interested in encrypted NFS ( found on SVNews ):
  2. T

    Solved Openldap TLS: could not use certificate

    I am trying to setup openldap to use TLS with openssl. After following the instructions at and fixing the permissions issues, I ran into this: TLS: could not use certificate `/usr/local/etc/openldap/certs/cert.csr'. TLS: error:0909006C: PEM...
  3. W

    Tls to unbound possible?

    Hi guys, i am wondering if i can setup my unbound to serve as dns over tls. It will serve as full recursive mode. The reason why i wanna do that so i can use unbound outside my local network, eg: on the road mobile. I am aware that i can setup unbound to forward queries to 3rd party dns server...
  4. sidetone

    Prioritizing SSL/TLS in make.conf

    In /etc/make.conf, I would like to set openssl, security/libressl or security/nss over security/gnutls, and know whether security/libressl can coexist with Openssl. In make.conf, this is what I have in mind OPTIONS_SET=OPENSSL OPTIONS_SET+=NSS Libressl has a reputation for being better than...
  5. patpro

    Solved nss_ldap problem with only few base system commands

    Hello, I'm running a bunch of FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE servers (MX servers, Web servers…). All of them are bound to an LDAP server for user authentication/access. I can ssh to those server with my LDAP account, I can use id, ldapsearch and so on without any problem. The LDAP server is queried over...
  6. Donald Baud

    HowTo: SSL/TLS certificates with

    Note: this post is amended because the updated port security/ is now using its own convention home directory /var/db/acme with dedicated user/group acme:acme The idea is to limit the use of elevated privileges as much as possible. ================ - What is this about? security/
  7. bibi

    percona56-server with TLSv1.2

    Hello, I have tried installing percona56-server from the ports with the OpenSSL option checked ( as it is by default ) and I have completed the SSL setup and get everything to work properly except that I am stuck with TLSv1. mysql> \s; -------------- mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.33-79.0...
  8. P

    openSMTPD with TLS and SASL Auth

    Hi everyone, Actually I have a rule who do SMTP relay and work nice for one account : accept from source { localhost } for any relay via tls+auth://label@mySMTP:587 auth <secrets> the account is stored on a secret.db file like that : label user:login I...
  9. T

    Solved pop3s failure (qpopper, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail)

    Attempting to retrieve email via qpopper with TLS/SSL (pop3s on port 995, plain text password) enabled using the SeaMonkey and Apple Mail mail clients fails with the qpopper log showing the same failure mode: Apr 11 22:47:24 shadow qpopper[56980]: OpenSSL error during handshake Apr 11 22:47:24...
  10. aragats

    No access to Forums

    There were so many discussions regarding similar issues. I've read them, but still cannot figure out what's happened recently that I cannot access Forums from my home network using various browsers. I've rebooted my modem to get a new IP. Also checked both old and new IPs with...