terminal emulator

  1. sidetone

    jbxvt terminal emulator: adding WM_CLASS and increasing/changing font?

    On other terminal emulators, I can use xprop together with grep to get their WM_CLASS. From that, I can add this value to .Xresources or .Xdefaults for adjusting fonts and other terminal properties. .xrdb .Xresources; xrdb -merge .Xresources (or .Xdefaults) would reset it. Nothing shows for...
  2. madwebness

    tilix pkg: why is it gone and where to get it?

    It's very strange. I've recently installed the same version of FreeBSD - 13.1 - on a fresh machine and there was no more tilix package available (it's a really cool terminal app), yet the very same version had it several months ago. It's still there in the ports collection, however it compiles...
  3. R

    DWM st (suckless terminal) doesn't start under user account

    Experts, I am running DWM. I upgraded my laptop from FreeBSD 11.2 to 12.0. i was under root account until Icomplete my upgrade and installing programs using port. i have managed to install DWM, dmenu and other stuff. When I booted into my user account. When Itry to invoke suckless terminal by...
  4. F

    Terminal is printing new line as un-ecaped sequence

    Hi there, I am new to BSD . Whenever I try running python or any other scripts from the internet (outside ports), my terminal/console would not recognize the new line escape sequence. It would just print it as a backslash and an N. for example, if I print the version info of the interpreter...
  5. poorandunlucky


    Anybody else uses it? I found it not long ago when trying to find a good terminal emulator besides XFCE's Terminal... It's kind of the console in video games, you press F12 (default), and it slides down from the top of the screen. I just thought I'd let people know this exists... (If you...
  6. copypaiste

    The best terminal emulator

    Hi guys! :P Please share your suggestions of best terminal emulator for Xorg. Requirements are: - tabs support, - transparency, - tunable hot keys, - small and fast, - unicode support. Qt or GTK+ based are ok, as long as the installation doesn't requre having full KDE or...