1. ceteris

    qemu 12.2-RELEASE and QEMU w/ tap networking

    Hello all, I am trying to use QEMU to emulate a x86_64 machine to run OpenBSD 6.9 inside FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE with two tap interfaces. Hardware is an Intel Xeon E5450, 8GB DDR2, SATA SSD. This CPU doesn't have EPT support so I can't use bhyve and I don't want to use VirtualBox. I would like, if...
  2. S

    ERRO[0000] Failed to get a tun/tap device

    I'm trying to configure nebula on server but I got below error. INFO[0000] Firewall rule added firewallRule="map[caName: caSha: direction:outgoing endPort:0 groups:[] host:any ip: proto:0 startPort:0]" INFO[0000] Firewall rule added...
  3. nerozero

    Solved tap interface doesn't seems to receive anything

    Hello, I have an issue with tap interface participating the bridge. The ]tap interface doesn't seems to receive anything, but it does send staff. I have recently update the BSD # uname -mrs -> FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p7 amd64 Here is what I done: # bge0 - lan interface # sysctl...
  4. StreamThreader

    lagg with lacp from two tap

    Hi It is possibe to run lagg0 interface with lacp protocol from two tap0-tap1 interfaces? tap interfaces used by OpenVpn. I trying, but laggport flag not changed to active. In failover proto work fine! All offload options i removed from physical bge0 and bge1 interfaces by ifconfig -tso -tso4...

    bhyve, vtnet with taps and low local speed traffic

    Hello! I've found the issue on my virtual infrastracture. The speed descreases after moving between virtual machines. Hypervisor: OS: FreeBSD 11.2 Application: bhyve Network: bridge+tap Guests: OS: FreeBSD 11.2 Network: vtnet media: Ethernet 10Gbase-T <full-duplex> Traffic flow: INTERNET...
  6. peterchris

    Test bridge and tap first without VM?

    Is it possible to first test a bridge and tap, and maybe even a virtual network interface, before applying it to a VM? I imagine the virtual interface would not be the same one that the VM would create, but, this would be a nice troubleshooting step for getting bridged networking to work on...

    MTU on bridge, tap and Bhyve guests (vtnet)

    I've set MTU to 3000 using the following commands. On hypervisor: ifconfig bridge0 mtu 3000 ifconfig tap0 mtu 3000 ifconfig tap1 mtu 3000 etc. On guests: ifconfig vtnet0 mtu 3000 etc. I've trapped data and get the MSS is 1358. So the above value is not close the 3000. ethertype IPv4...
  8. Petr Fischer

    bridge0+tap devices weird state after suspend/resume

    Hello! I created bridge0 ( device with few tapX network devices ( (bridged together by bridge0) for bhyve vms. Then I created NAT (pf.conf), that solves networking via wlan0 (wifi card). Why? Because simple bridging doesn't work with wlan0/wifi interfaces (NAT works)...