1. christhegeek

    FreeBSD 13 is awesome top performance everything is good except of that one thing........Touchpads!

    FreeBSD 13 is awesome top performance everything is good except of that one thing........Touchpads ! My laptop's touchpad doesn't want to work,to make it work i have to use iichid and do some configuring.
  2. Jake0162

    Solved Trackpoint works randomly.

    This is my first post but I think this falls under peripheral hardware. I have been working my way though the handbook but am only up to chapter 4 and sporatically have read some of the other sections. hardware: lenovo x130e netbook os: FreeBSD version 12.1 DE: XFCE4 (installed with pkg)...
  3. P

    Acer Aspire E1 V5We2 series touchpad configuration

    Hi, I am using Acer Aspire E1 V5we2 and trying to configure my touchpad. My touchpad is not recognised by the system, as it shows PS/2 generic. I tried to use synaptics but it still not working. I can't even copy paste here the code text so will send wgetpaste links. my...
  4. gary

    Touchpad on ASUS ROG GL752VW

    Hi, I have recently installed FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE on my ASUS ROG GL752VW and I am still struggling a bit at configuring everything. I have a touchpad (trackpad ?) on my PC, but this one doesn't work at all. I am currently dual-booting between my new FreeBSD and an ArchLinux, on which the...
  5. B

    ThinkPad touchpad backwards + touchy?

    I'm back to using FreeBSD as my daily desktop machine for the first time since 2002! Been on Arch Linux & OpenBSD since then. Nice to be back. FreeBSD 12. Lenovo ThinkPad T440s. Wow. I've noticed that the trackpad seems backwards: it's the bottom (the part towards me) of the trackpad...
  6. scrappywan

    Synaptics touchpad defaults to reverse scroll

    I have i3 window manager running on my Lenovo laptop with the synaptics driver installed and enabled for my touchpad. Problem is, by default, it will vertically scroll in reverse (similar to Apple's natural scrolling). Is there something not configured properly in my xorg.conf file causing this...
  7. Y

    Mouse(touchpad) works and does not work

    I have a strange problem. On 10.3 I have setup touchpad as explained here: 1- It works fine if I start X by typing 'startxfce4' but I have 'slim' installed and after boot, at login screen touchpad doesnt work. Any ideas? 2- The other problem is I...
  8. atomicbeef

    Solved Synaptics Issues On Thinkpad X1 Carbon

    Hello everyone, I'm having issues setting up Synaptics on my Thinkpad X1 Carbon running 11-CURRENT. I know CURRENT isn't supported, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't just having problems with X. I started off by following the instructions on the wiki and this leads to a mostly working...
  9. D builds

    Hi, I just downloaded,1.txz Untarred and ran ./usr/local/bin/Xorg -version and got: X.Org X Server 1.14.7 Release Date: 2014-06-05 X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0 Build Operating System: FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p20...