1. rafael_grether

    Solved Swap - Is it still really necessary?

    Hello guys, I have some conceptual questions. First of all, on average servers, would swap really be necessary? Or does FreeBSD already handle memory pressure so well that it doesn't need to be swapped? I don't know why, but FreeBSD Server Instances on Amazon EC2 have no swap. On NAS devices...
  2. grahamperrin

    FreeBSD-provided disk images: problems with UFS, fsck_ufs (fsck_ffs(8)); partition sizes …

    Why not ZFS by default? Images are compressed before distribution. I assume that compression is very effective for: non-used space (free, never used) in file systems non-used swap space. Why is there so little free space in the file system for the base OS? Why is so little of the disk given...
  3. s0undsp4c3

    Solved New freebsd-swap space with 400GB but htop shows 66.0G

    Hi daemons, I created a new partition: sudo gpart add -t freebsd-swap -i 2 ada 2 sudo swapon /dev/ada2p2 It works great but, the whole partition is of 400G but, htop only shows `66.0G` Why is that?
  4. gladiola

    Solved Planning ZFS encrypted swap and clearing it later

    My main questions are: - What is the best way to clear a ZFS encrypted swap if it fills up? - If we allocate swap space at the rate of twice the available RAM, then how will we have enough memory to clear the swap? It seems like, during a situation where we intervene to maintenance or clear...
  5. DarkFreeBSD

    SWAP resizing help

    Hi, I don't know if I'm in the right place. I need your advice and your know-how. I would like to reduce my partition from 924G to 916G and increase the swap from 8G to 16G. root @ Firewall: / # gpart show => 63 1953525105 ada0 MBR (932G) 63 1953525105 1 freebsd [active] (932G)...
  6. M

    FreeBSD and the state of Suspend-to-Disk / Hibernation (STD/S4OS)?

    The FreeBSD Wiki says: The FreeBSD Manual explains Suspend/Resume and mentions S4BIOS and S4OS, but doesn't tell any more. So I assume this is still valid, no Suspend-to-Disk (STD/S4OS) available in FreeBSD? I have already tried, acpiconf -s 4 seemingly puts my laptop into hibernation, but...
  7. C

    Logging for process swap in/out....

    I had a virtual machine with limited RAM(4GB RAM+4GB swap partition,and 90M swap used). When I connect to it,some service might suffer tremendous lag for initial response(about 7-8sec). But once I got initial response,the following activity seems just fine. So I suspect that some process had...
  8. Dogers

    Solved Swap on ZFS has been disabled after hardware upgrade.

    Greetings to everyone. Here is my problem : I just upgraded my workstation, from AMD FX 6300 to AMD Opteron 6380, everything runs fine on my FreeBSD 12.0 p10, except that my swap completely disappear. It is a real problem since I have only 8GB of ram for now on ZFS. Before I used to have 32GB...
  9. 0w8States

    swap size on ZFS with high amount of RAM

    Hi! I'm doing my first install of FreeBSD and really looking forward to getting started with FreeBSD. I've recently purchase a copy of 'Absolute FreeBSD' and I'm working my way through the chapters. While I've previously used FreeBSD inside VirtualBox, this time I'm doing my first physcial...
  10. abdelilah

    vm.swappiness to 0

    Hello everyone, Is there an option under FreeBSD that enables us to use swap under this exact circumstances (retrieved from a general OS forum) : * vm.swappiness = 0 The kernel will swap only to avoid an out of memory condition, when free memory will be below vm.min_free_kbytes limit. Thanks.
  11. i-bsd

    swap_pager: out of swap space (ZFS auto-installed after about an hour of browsing the web)

    Can somebody explain this to me? I have a very high-end system with tonnes of memory. Installed FreeBSD 11.1 using ZFS-auto. How can I stop this from happening?
  12. poorandunlucky

    Solved kernel: swap_pager: out of swap space

    Nov 22 18:48:07 uninspiredhostname kernel: swap_pager: out of swap space Nov 22 18:48:07 uninspiredhostname kernel: swap_pager_getswapspace(number): fail Previous message repeated countless times. So I'm building stuff in Poudriere and this keeps happening... I thought it was a bad RAM block...
  13. S

    ZFS 11.0p9 vs. 10.0p18 - Expected differences?

    All, Notably compression may be handled differently between the two, however wanted to know if anyone has reference or opinion as to whether one would expect these two issues that I've noticed: 1) difference in "consumption" and 2) constant creeping into swap space. * consumption * Noticed...
  14. S

    High Wired memory usage !!

    Hi, We've 96 GB memory and I can see that 76 GB is wired and there's also total ARC 69 GB already occupied. My question is, if FreeBSD requires additional memory for processes will wired/ARC release the memory for FreeBSD usage to prevent swap usage? Since 12 GB is only free. Will OS start...
  15. pentago

    How to find out what is using swap on FreeBSD?

    I'm trying to pinpoint what process(es) is eating swap on my FreeBSD server. I can only see how much is being used (top) but not what process is swapping its guts out. I tried searching Google for this but didn't find anything. Is there a way to display list of swapped data by process...