1. LibreQuest

    Solved Suyimazu Mizutamari not working

    I just upgraded to 14.0 Release. I did a new install on my main system. I installed Suyimazu but the only item in the library was Mizutamari and the launch option doesn't work in Suyimazu. So I opened the Suyimazu directory and set Mizutamari to executable and launch the installer. After...
  2. LibreQuest

    Testing analog joystick FreeBSD 13.2 Release

    FreeBSD 13.2 Suyimazu Steam Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Gravis Blackhawk with analog to USB converter I didn't have to configure the joystick, FreeBSD and Steam decided they knew how to use it. My daughter was playing. Pretty cool. EDIT: Chip is Intel N5095 16GB DDR4 on Sata SSD.
  3. U

    Can i change wine version used by Suyimazu for Steam?

    I need this information.
  4. kavex

    Suyimazu/wine-proton always crashes at launch of program

    Hello everyone! I am trying to get steam running by using Suyimazu. Steam on Linuxulator is running, but its wine-proton does not seem to work too well, so I wanted to focus on the wine-proton part for now, which is why I choose this path. Steam installs fine, but if I try to run it using...