1. scrappywan

    /etc/rc.d/cron does not start at boot

    I recently installed FreeBSD 11.1 on my desktop and wanted to use zfs-tools to create periodic snapshots. Everything related to zfs-tools including my crontab file is setup exactly as another FreeBSD server I run. The only issue on my desktop is that cron does not start, or fails to start during...
  2. GregTheHun

    ELK Stack crashes - Specifically with Kibana

    Hello all, Well, I have a problem, it seems that when installing elasticsearch I've had no problems. The on screen commands were pretty easy to do as well as getting the entries in fstab that were required were easy enough to get elastic running. However, when I tried to start Kibana after...
  3. N

    Squid does not start

    When I try to start squid it stucks and I cannot use the command line until I press Ctrl+C. There is no on /var/run/squid and directory owned by squid. ICAP Services running with no issue. I tested it before this error. /dev/pf readable by squid. I deinstalled and reinstalled the...