1. G

    NDIS wireless help on 11.1-BETA3

    I recently upgraded to 11.1-BETA3 due to its patch fixing ndis. However, I cannot get ndis to work. I am using the 64-bit Win2000/XP drivers downloaded from here (I'm on amd64), and the generated module loads with very little issue (except for no match for IoWMIOpenBlock and no match for...
  2. DavidMarec

    To be or not to be

    This Sunday, my FreeBSD box has entered some weird state. This machine is following 11-stable, and, - after calling delete-old-libs maybe, I don't really know - a lot of modules and commands fail on missing I checked out this file within /lib and ls confirmed that the file was...
  3. ComradeSlice

    Solved stable/11 buildworld ZFS linking issues

    I am running 11.0-PRERELEASE and am attempting to upgrade to the latest revision of stable/11. When building world I get linker issues involving ZFS libraries. Some experimentation I have done indicates that the builder is actually trying to link to my own system's ZFS libraries. As a test I...