1. Brutanas


    Hello! Long time away :) I am trying to mount a directory from a linux retropie system in my freebsd laptop with sshfs, but I am really confused since something strange it's happening: Remote: (linux) - user = myself (uid = 1003, main group is myself with gid=1003) - folder =...
  2. GoNeFast_01

    SSHFS Hang Issues

    I came to an issue by using sshfs that I have not encountered before.... Essentially I use sshfs in multiple servers (YES issue occurs in more than 3+ blade servers) to avoid having to install .iso when setting up vm... Seems that I forgot to umount at the end of the setup in multiple of the...
  3. E

    Sshfs needs doas, how to use sshfs as an unprivileged user?

    Using a fresh install of FreeBSD 13.0. I'm trying to mount a remote directory on a linux server via sshfs with the following command: sshfs user@x.x.x.x:/home/user/Dir/dir/ /usr/home/anotheruser/DestinationDir/ -p1234 -v -o idmap=user,uid=X,guid=Y,allow_other,follow_symlinks,reconnect The...
  4. cira8u

    ssh disconnects when starting gkrellm

    When using ssh to connect to FreeBSD 11.0 the link will occasionally shut down with the following in /var/log/messages Aug 23 14:45:11 karen sshd[62451]: fatal: Fssh_packet_write_poll: Connection from 174.77.777.77 port 57670: Permission denied If no program is running in the shell, the link...
  5. Petr Fischer

    automounting/autofs ssh filesystems

    Hello, I am finally using automount/autofs for mounting home samba shares (and my BlackBerry 10 phone, which has also Windows sharing enabled [samba inside]). Work reliably even with laptop sleeps and moving between networks (proper timeouts, no hangs etc.). My /etc/auto_master file...