1. Ishayahu

    Solved Squid: “FD 44 flags=1: read/write failure: (13) Permission denied”

    I use Squid on FreeBSD 10.3. When I set proxy address in web browser, I can't attach files to mail on mail.ru. Without proxy it works. In access.log there are no errors. In cache.log I've got: 2017/05/29 21:12:16 kid1| local= remote= FD 44 flags=1...
  2. N

    Squid does not start

    When I try to start squid it stucks and I cannot use the command line until I press Ctrl+C. There is no squid.pid on /var/run/squid and directory owned by squid. ICAP Services running with no issue. I tested it before this error. /dev/pf readable by squid. I deinstalled and reinstalled the...
  3. ObiektywNy

    Squid 3.5.24 Access Denied FreeBSD 11

    Hi I am trying to make Squid working on FreeBSD 11 I have two NIC's internal INT_IF and external EXT_IF. My NAT is working but I am not sure if this is redirection issue or squid.conf --- /etc/pf.conf nat on $EXT_IF from !($EXT_IF)->($EXT_IF:0) rdr on $INT_IF inet proto tcp from any to any...
  4. S

    Chroot / Jail Service (Apache, Postfix, Squid)

    HI everyone I am started building my own Firewall / Router. I'm planing to run applications like Squid Proxy etc on it. I'm am new to BSD so I don't know the proper way to do this. I'm only experienced with Linux (Ubuntu / Centos). For better security I want to Chroot every service. As far as I...
  5. willp

    squid3 transparent proxy with arp spoofing

    hi there, Im trying to get upsidedownternet working with arpspoofing, something along the lines of this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Upside-Down-TernetHowTo (but using arp spoofing instead of changing the targets gateway manually) anyway, ive got it semi-working, as some/most images that...
  6. Angel Hess

    www/squid: Fails to build

    I assume Squid 4.0.1 has make errors because it was released just a few days ago? 4.0.1 also does not seem to be in the package install, only 3+ is in pkg install. How long until it is usually in the pkg install database? I tried the usual manual download, config, make, etc. And it seems to have...