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    [Linuxulator] How to install Brave (Linux app) on FreeBSD 13.0+

    Important notes: 1) This guide is for FreeBSD 13.0 and newer only!! For FreeBSD 12, please see: 2) This method should be valid for installing any other Chromium-based web browser (Google...
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    Is there any way to use Spotify on FreeBSD 11.1? I tried using the webplayer with firefox, but couldn't get it to work. I was able to install Clementine player and its spotify plugin, but the plugin does not successfully login to my spotify premium account. Tried Wine as well with the current...
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    Spotify for FreeBSD

    I use Spotify everyday on my cellphone but unfortunately I can't use it on my laptop with FreeBSD because Spotify guys didn't compile it for our platform. So I started to search a fix and I found: I think is...