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Is there any way to use Spotify on FreeBSD 11.1?
I tried using the webplayer with firefox, but couldn't get it to work.
I was able to install Clementine player and its spotify plugin, but the plugin does not successfully login to my spotify premium account.

Tried Wine as well with the current windows Spotify installer but was not able to get it to work.

Is there any way to use Spotify on FreeBSD?
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No, Spotify does need some DRM bs what does not compile in FreeBSD (same for Netflix). However, maybe, you can make it run using the Linuxolator, but I do not know indeed as I do not use Spotify... or run it in a VM on top of Linux/Windows etc...

Alternatively, you can use a superior music streaming service like Qobuz what does not need any DRM bs.

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xforce said:
is there any way to use Spotify on FreeBSD 11.1?
yes as lebarondemerde pointed out, the only current solution for Spotify Streaming on FreeBSD is running Linux as VM, which can be comfortable enough, especially provided you already did it for other purpose, like Netflix.
lebarondemerde said:
... or run it in a VM on top of Linux/Windows etc...
Sure, I use OpenSuSE Leap on QEMU with Google-Chrome-Stable, for both Spotify and Netflix, and it never gives problems;)

Until recently emulators/playonbsd's pre-packaged wine port for Firefox was a good way of streaming Spotify.
Unfortunately the Firefox version PlayonBSD used for its port is no longer able to display spotify.com, due to incompatibility of latest Adobe Flash Player version with legacy Firefox.
On the other hand I do not know of anyone who reportedly ran a recent version of Firefox on wine.

There are however several worth ways of streaming music on FreeBSD:
- multimedia/minitube
- audio/mps
- multimedia/livestreamer (I love this one)
- www/get_flash_videos,
- multimedia/mps-youtube (love this one too)
- multimedia/mplayer.

There are also some other good lightweight streaming utilities, available on github, which compile without problem on FreeBSD:

1) streamlink also officially available on OpenBSD repositories, as ported by Ibara

2) pyradio, just build it with devel/py3-pip

3) pms (Poor Man's Spotify), yes you heard right, it's an amazing streamer. You can easily build this as well with pip

4) Finally, I have never tried this, even on Linux (as there wasn't an official Slack package), but there's been a lot of rumor around Tizonia. I've grown curious about compiling it since it officially supports Spotify streaming, and was thinking of giving it a try, just a couple of days ago, like the silly music addict I am