splash screen

  1. F

    Graphics issues while booting

    First try to install FreeBSD on a MacPro late 2008. During the installation, in this case FreeBSD 11.4 amd-64, as soon as the first drivers are loaded, I only get stripes on the monitor. The boot process continues in the background, but unfortunately I can't make any inputs without seeing...
  2. Aeterna

    Boot splash kills geli encrypted FreeBSD

    Hello, Just installed in VM FreeBSD on geli encrypted ZFS. All went well however after installing Xorg password prompt is hidden behind splash screen so no way to enter password. Unfortunately there is nothing to unset at boot prompt (option 3). I could just remove splash picture from single...
  3. poorandunlucky

    Solved Bootloader splash screen

    Hullo 0/ so I just installed FreeBSD 11.1-REL as my main desktop OS for the first time since before DRM/KMS (had it taking up 512 MB of RAM in Hyper-V for pretty much no reason, though), and I guess I'm used to cozy Windoze, because I'd like to have a slash screen, or at least, a black screen...