1. apprentice

    Problems transferring via FTP

    FreeBSD 14.0 My question is because I may be doing something wrong, or there is a package missing from my operating system, or perhaps something that needs to be configured. Anyone who can help, thank you! I access the internet via wifi (wpa_supplicant, dhclient) which is provided by my cell...
  2. L

    Super slow download speed from the FreeBSD website and pkg

    I am currently not on FreeBSD I recently installed FreeBSD again I had this issue every time I have switched to FreeBSD in the past. I asked this question a couple of months ago but none of the answers worked. I decided to ask again maybe this time I can start using FreeBSD. The download speed...
  3. christhegeek

    Packages download speed is ultra slow ! 00's slow ! I could actually compile from source these packages and still would be installed faster.

    Packages download speed is ultra slow ! 00's slow ! I could actually compile from source these packages and still many of them would be installed faster. I live in Greece and pkg download speed is awful.
  4. A

    Internet speed on freebsd 13.0 is extremely slow

    I just installed freebsd 13.0 on my lenovo thinkpad x260. I also have debian and windows 10 installed on the same laptop in different partitions. On both debian and window 10, when I use fast.com, I can easily get 400mbps on wireless. However, on my freebsd, for both wired and wireless, I can...
  5. blind0ne

    Slow download rate using scp

    Hello, Is it normal for scp-cli? Should I reinstall system completely? The network is fine, speedtest gives 100mb/s Thanks
  6. I

    "make buildworld" command to use multiple CPUs - possible?

    I notice that whenever I run make buildworld, it is using only a single CPU. Is it possible to make it use all the CPUs?
  7. aragats

    Solved Poor outbound link on vmx after upgrading 12.0 -> 12.1

    I have a VPS on CloudAtCost. They have a template for FreeBSD 12.0, and a VPS installed from it works great. The network performance in average 1.5Gb/s / 800Mb/s (in/out). After upgrading it to 12.1 the outbound link's speed droped significantly and becomes 0.7Mb/s ― very consistent. So...
  8. Del.Mar

    Transmission. Slow upload speed.

    Hi all! The problem is slow upload speed with transmission. Neither FreeBSD, no soft does not cut the speed. # uname -srm FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p7 amd64 Transmission version % transmission-daemon -V transmission-daemon 2.94 (0) Transmission config root@beast:/usr/local/etc/transmission # cat...
  9. F

    Speed Internet

    The problem I have is about the internet speed as I want to install certain programs repositories but I always download at a speed of 10kb when I have at least 4MB anyone knows what happens?
  10. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    Solved Why is my system so slow?

    This might seem a question about less, but I don't think it is. I have two systems with basically the same hardware, one running Linux and one running 10.2-RELEASE. On each, I run less on a half-megabyte text file. On FreeBSD, it takes almost a minute for data to show on the screen. On...