1. B

    Solved Speakers do not work on Thinkpad T430s (headphones do)

    Hello, I'm running FreeBSD 13.2 on Thinkpad T430s, and I cannot get speakers to produce sound. Specifically, I am talking about YouTube run from within Chromium – but speakers are silent in other applications as well (beep and music players). Headphones do work if I first run sysctl...
  2. vandykmarsu

    Solved 2.1 Speaker kit USB Audio

    I share here a find to use a 2.1 speaker kit USB plugged. Adding USB Driver. Add driver snd_uaudio to rc.conf: sudo nano /etc/rc.conf Paste: snd_uaudio="YES" Automating boot: sudo nano /boot/loader.conf Paste: snd_uaudio_load="YES" Loading the driver: kldload snd_driver Output...
  3. decuser

    feedback through speakers when scrolling

    This is interesting, but annoying. Anytime I scroll in a browser window, or even just click and hold the scrollbar, I get a faint humming through my speakers. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone have any idea how to fix it? My relevant specs are: Dell Optiplex 755 Intel(R)...
  4. N

    No Sound through docking station headphone jack

    Hi all. I have a laptop (Lenovo X220) plugged into a docking station and I would like to have sound played through the speakers which are plugged into the headphone port at the back of the docking station. At the moment, when I plug my speakers into the dock, I get nothing. Generally the sound...