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    sun/oracle sparc64 T4-1 boot woes

    "getting pretty good at the openboot..." --famous last words. So... I've tried to boot the ISO files burned to cdrom on my sparc64 in several several ways. no dice. (iso's burned from linux w/ brasero & wodim) As far as I can tell, the t4-1 niagara seems to be supported, (or at least not...
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    SPARC64 network boot server and installation

    Just posting this in case it is useful to anyone (and for my future reference). I have access to a number of SPARC servers through my workplace and recently wanted to try setting up FreeBSD on them as Solaris is pretty much dead these days. I have SunFire V210, V240 and V245 that I'm using for...
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    ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable

    Followed this tutorial on my machine with four disk. shows following error File /boot/loader not found