1. H


    How to make 'skype for linux' work on FreeBSD? There are 3 ports related to skype: net-im/skype4, net-im/skype and net-im/skype-devel. The last 2 are dated 2016.11.03 (so, definitely outdated), while the first one is dated 2018.02.24. So I tried the first one: it did install and start just fine...
  2. V

    Working with RPM with Linux Binary Compatibility

    Anyone have experience using RPM with Linux Binary Compatibility? How easy is to use it? You just install and it works or it needs additional tweaking or something else? Is it possible to install RPM of LibreOffice (version 5) and Skype with Linux Binary Compatibility?
  3. burkoff

    Help for Skype 4.3

    Hello, Please someone to write from start to finish installation instructions Skype working under freebsdFreeBSD 10 Оf all my colleagues I only use freebsdFreeBSD and it is hard Please HELP!
  4. A

    Skype with (s)care

    I guess, many of you might be interested: Skype with care – Microsoft is reading everything you write