shared folders

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    vbox vbox shared folder content unstable, wrong subdir content depending on order of access

    FreeBSD 13.2 virtualbox guest: If the host's root directory is mounted as a shared folder, the contents are randomly there or not there. Not actually random, but it depends on the order of access. It seems like a subdir path can not be used (successfully) unless the parent directories are...
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    vbox Virtualbox shared folder leave lock on all accessed files

    Hi - I'm using FreeBSD 13.1 in VB 6.1.30. The guest is Win11 and I'm using shared folders. As a host, FreeBSD has access and I can create files (it's mounted rw obviously) but every file created is locked and cannot be removed, (text file busy) by the guest or the host. The guest needs to be...
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    Kerberized NFSv4 -> NFS over TLS on 13.0

    Has anyone got a good reference for how to set up krb5p security? I've got NFSv4 running fine without security, but that kerberos setup has been a major pain in the neck. There doesn't seem to be much logging going on, no matter how much -d or -h's I use. It appears, Wireshark is my only utility...
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    qemu [FreeBSD 12.2] Shared folders

    Hi, I'm to the point to perform some kernel development and I picked up qemu as test and debug support framework. As you may expect, I need to frequently install executables on the guest OS. Nevertheless, qemu's shared folders support is unavailable on FreeBSD (TBC). But, but, I've seen this...