1. C

    How to install Kde-Services to the Dolphin?

    Hi, i am trying to burn Ubuntu or WIndows10 iso file to the Usb and i think Kde-Services will be useful for this. (use dd command) Dolphin: Control -> Configure Dolphin... -> Services -> Download New Services... -> Installed kde-services plug-in but it doesnt work. How can i make it work?
  2. forquare

    Other Writing an rc script for gunicorn & django

    Hello all, I'm looking to deploy a Django application onto a FreeBSD 11.1 server, I've read a number of articles about using www/py36-gunicorn to provide the communications between www/nginx and Django, and brief trials appear successful. I'm now looking to make a service that I can service...
  3. M

    multiple OSPF processes in quagga

    well I started quagga in my device and as you may know it works only in one OSPF. Now I am curious if it is possible to start quagga as two separate service to work simultaneously in order to use two different OSPF
  4. justrjlewis

    rc.d daemon not processing command flags

    I started working with a great web server called caddy and started working on an rc.d script to get it running as a service. I put together a script that mostly worked seen here. The bug in this original script was that the service would start on boot/reboot, but it didn’t play well with the...
  5. jungleboogie

    inetd app startup problem

    Hello All, Thanks for reading. I've asked a few questions on the -questions mailing list before but I think I'll post this problem here for visibility now and in the future. I found out about a project called caddy, which is written in the go language: It's a simple to...