serial console

  1. skyenosaur

    Kernel using wrong serial speed on StarFive and I’m stuck

    Hello everyone, once again I am questioning all my life choices that led me to this point… I am trying to get freeBSD to boot on the star64. Good fun! Fancy new CPU arch! Except somehow the kernel uses the wrong serial speed, I can’t figure out which one, I have no other way to access the...
  2. byrnejb

    Solved vm console <guest> gives Stale lock and will not break

    ~<ctrl>D exits console
  3. F

    Serial console on a motherboard with no serial ports

    Hello, I have a motherboard without serial ports and I wonder whether it is possible to get a serial console (server side) on it with a PCIe RS232 card or a USB-to-RS232 adapter. So far I had no luck. I can get a console that works once the system finished booting (once getty process start as...
  4. W

    How to compile FreeBSD with COM2 as the boot console serial port

    Hi, I’m trying to compile the FreeBSD kernel to use COM2 instead of COM1 as the boot console serial port. I’ve got a VirtualBox VM running FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE and have checked out the FreeBSD source to commit ef1e43df92c6 . I want my FreeBSD kernel to use serial port COM2 (instead of COM1)...
  5. fr33bsd

    Anyone tried SoL on FreeBSD?

    Hello people, did anyone of you try to run IPMI Serial-over-LAN (sol) on FreeBSD (ideally on supermicro hardware)? I found this. :-/
  6. poetaster

    Difficulty connecting screen to a socat generated serial console via tcp.

    I have a Moxa 5450 with 4 FreeBSD servers (11) connected. Each Port on the Moxa ist set to use Reverse Telent. Each serial port is then available at IP of console server 400x. The Null-modem cables have all been tested with a server in the office that is Identical to those in the Rack. The...