1. mod3777

    FreeBSD and security mitigations

    Hows FreeBSD security mitigations? I am new to FreeBSD and I am very satisfied with this system, until, a guy who runs HBSD and OpenBSD told me: " I don't know of any Linux distro which doesn't use PIC, PIE, and at least stack-protector-strong. The state of userland exploit mitigations in...
  2. D

    Remote code execution on almost all Intel processors: this is again the Management Engine fault

    Persecuted by further discoveries of gaps in the mechanism of speculative instruction execution, Intel discovered that its chips are vulnerable to attack on the other hand - the infamous Management Engine remote management subsystem. This computer-in-computer, which can have complete control...
  3. G

    How do I know a CVE has been fixed for FreeBSD

    Package www/firefox returned so many CVE's from pkg aud -F. So how can I know that all those CVE are patched or not. Some of them are *RESERVED*. Say status of CVE-5863; CVE-2018-5156 etc. from various web sources of cve.mitre & NVD. From FreshPorts-VuXML says an older version is vulnerable...
  4. G

    Use of Capsicum with Firefox

    Message from firefox-60.0.2,1 , after update/install, Some features available on other platforms are not implemented: - Native audio (OSS backend is incomplete, doesn't support WebRTC) - Encrypted Media Extensions (requires Widevine CDM binary) - Process sandboxing (requires Capsicum backend) -...
  5. B

    Mount two firewalls

    I want to mount a firewall. I have the idea of that my traffic could be "sniffered" by somebody. So I will ask for how to mount a firewall, here, on my desktop installation but also on another equipment. Besides, I want to know what else can I do for making the most miserable the attack of a...
  6. nielsk

    logging what root is doing

    Hi, new audit-requirements came up (yeah EU-GDPR and its requirement for acccountability who did when what when dealing with personal data) and now I try to figure out, how I can log what the root-user is doing, especially when an admin is doing sudo su. As I noticed certain commands like "cd"...
  7. B

    Virus & Security

    I write this with the objective of talk about security and viruses in FreeBSD. Once i read in a page about this OS the steps for installing an antivirus. Since that i started to think: how much security this system have? But, if we consider that this system could be configurable to be more...
  8. SirDice

    DDoS amplifications through memcached

    Using databases/memcached is a popular method to speed up high performance websites. But apparently not everybody protects it properly and allows it to be accessible from the internet. New research discovered these open services are abused in a similar fashion to DNS and NTP amplification...
  9. Maelstorm

    PE Executable Debugger/Disassembler (i386/amd64)?

    I am looking for a debugger or disassembler for Windows PE format executables, something similar to objdump. I'm taking a class in computer forensics and the research project that my team is working on is reverse engineering malware. We have the malware (it's not hard to find). For obvious...
  10. asv0

    BIBA/MLS compartmentalization hell

    Good evening, I'm experiencing something which is making me doubting completely about my understanding of compartments through BIBA and MLS models. I've used colours and bold style in the attempt to make the following grade:compartments declarations more readable. I'm working in /home/shared #...
  11. L

    PF Communication between fail2ban and pf fails

    EDIT: the problem is solved Hello, i had used Debian at the last several years and i'm very new to FreeBSD. I tryed to port my configuration for fail2ban from my Debian machines to FreeBSD (with the modification due the firewall has changed). In my testing phase i have found out that the...
  12. ronaldlees

    Open Source Review Security

    So, we've all accepted the "many eyes" theory of open source, and we assume that those eyes find many defects and fix them, hence increasing security. But, inside of many very important security sectors (especially in the U.S.) - that line of reasoning is said not to work. To paraphrase a few...
  13. fullauto2012

    Login Process

    I want to wrote a 2 factor authentication script that runs after PAM authentication that texts my phone a random 6 digit number and waits for 60 seconds for me to type in the result... I have it all basically writen in my head, but I cannot for the life of me find any literature as to where to...
  14. rigoletto@

    Intel bug incoming.

    Intel Bug Incoming. EDIT: It seems sh!t will get pretty serious: Intel's CEO Just Sold a Lot of Stock UPDATE: 'Kernel memory leaking' Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign
  15. nixdmon

    Unable to change user umask

    Hi All, I've been trying to change umask of a local user. I've looked around for instructions, and tried adding umask in .login_conf in user's home directory. me:\ :umask=002: Also ran cap_mkdb .login_conf after modification. umask remains 022, unchanged. In addition, I've changed...
  16. timypcr

    OpenSSH Update for PCI Compliance

    According to our third-party PCI scanner (conducted by Trustwave) current OpenSSH version is no longer supported. The version of OpenSSH detected is no longer supported by the vendor. No further security patches or upgrades will be released by the vendor for this version, and the vendor will...
  17. Johnny2Bad

    Weird error in daily reports, could someone interpret this....

    I am running FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p1 with a customized kernel (NAT compiled into it). I have setup ssmtp to send me the daily, weekly etc reports and over the past few days I have been receiving a strange error in the security run output. Checking setuid files and devices: Checking negative...
  18. C

    FreeBSD audit by folder??

    Hello Everyone: The audit system in FreeBSD currently support auditing by user id only. Is it possible to support auditing by folder(I just wanna to audit specific folder,whoever access it)?? Thanks anyway!!
  19. kuroneko

    Solved Linux® Binary Compatibility. Security risk?

    So I noticed that the Linux Binary compatibility use the Kernel 2.x which is pretty old and it has a lot of known vulnerabilities. Is it still safe if we run it on FreeBSD or will it be not secure to have it?
  20. Kay

    Best way to allow ssh connection just for reverse port forwarding

    So here's my scenario. * I have a home server (HostB) which is completely within my control. * I have an off-site machine that can potentially be physically accessed by other people I don't trust (HostA). I want to do off-site backups (encrypted of course) via `duplicity` from HostB to...