1. grahamperrin

    Searching: users, and search numbers

    Spun off from a post about someone's use of operating systems The search above works because a user's ID number is persistent (exceptions includes people who choose to delete their accounts, and so on). The address to which it redirects will be of limited use; I expect the 354407 part of...
  2. I

    Is there an equivalent of Spotlight (on Mac) for FreeBSD?

    Is there anything like Spotlight (on Mac) available on FreeBSD? (I found but it is for Linux)
  3. vermaden

    New 'Most Liked/Thanked' Search

    Hi, the FreeBSD Forums already have the 'New Posts' search that will show all new posts since last visit (or since last time 'Mark Forums Read' button was used) - feel free to let me know which one. What I would like to propose is the new search - also since last visit (or since last time...
  4. grahamperrin

    Search FreeBSD Forums from the address bar (OpenSearch)

    As FreeBSD Bugzilla (and some other areas) have this feature, please, might it be added to XenForo? Maybe relevant: Using Chrome/FireFox custom search engine to search your forums. | XenForo community <> |...
  5. grahamperrin

    Solved XenForo: allow seeking three-character strings

    A question for the XenForo service administrators here. Please, can you enable support for three-character strings? I'm on my knees. Begging. Thanks (… and NB, for all readers, the question here is XenForo feature-specific, so Google is not an answer; neither is DuckDuckGo … and so on)...
  6. I

    How to limit search result of directories/files to limited top-level directories only?

    I did a find / -name 'XXX' and the output is insane. It lists every file and the list never ends (I had to Ctrl-C to stop it). How can I view the results meaningfully? For example, I'd like to limit to the result to appear only for, say the top-level (or top 2nd or 3rd level) directories only...
  7. CiotBSD

    Firefox Addon Search Manpage FreeBSD

    Hi. Just FYI: My Firefox's addon to search a man page into official FreeBSD manual page server approved! - Source code :