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    Intel Apollo Lake eMMC controller access timeout

    Dears, I'm attempting to install FreeBSD 11.1 to check eMMC 5.0 compatibility via Intel SoC. And I test it on different eMMC vendor Information from git log ------------------------------------------ commit 398d5fc6afb7ce20f0cf9ecc4fe286e72afdbf29 Author: marius <> Date...
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    Solved sdhci_pci0_slot0: Controller Timeout

    Hello. I have Mini PC device with internal SD card reader. I am already installed FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE from this card reader to internal SSD, but when I'm trying to load OS it returns me: sdhci_pci0_slot0: Controller Timeout (See screenshot). After 2 minutes OS boots. How I can resolve this...