1. P

    Czech (UTF-8) characters in console OR scp

    Hallo, I need copy files from server shared via Samba to Windows environment via scp. When I see these files from Windows (Samba) I see all czech charasters with diacritics. But in the console and after using scp I see corrupted file names. Any help ho to solve this? FreeBSD 10.3. Thanks for all...
  2. blind0ne

    Slow download rate using scp

    Hello, Is it normal for scp-cli? Should I reinstall system completely? The network is fine, speedtest gives 100mb/s Thanks
  3. ssbear

    Solved Using scp and tcsh generates a "Then/ending not found"

    Hi FreeBSD community! I have a little minor trouble with tcsh since years. Each time I execute a scp, my shell print an error. Here's an example: test@eochla:~ % scp .shrc user@domain: then: then/endif not found. .shrc 100% 694 2.5MB/s...
  4. A

    Solved Deprecating scp

    There was some discussion about "Deprecating scp" topic at the Forums. Do you have any thoughts on this topic? Please read following links and give it some thought. Thanks.
  5. Buck

    Properly setting scp permissions for www and user access

    I need to set up permissions properly on a web folder for two users and apache's www user. The hierarchy looks like so: /var/www/ contains several folders for several websites managed by user1. /var/www/special/ contains a special website folder managed by user2. Therefore, I need user1 to be...
  6. S

    Slow NFS/SMB/AFP, but fast SCP read performance

    Hi! My FreeBSD 11.2 box has the strange behavior that copying a file via NFS, SMB, or AFP is always capped at exactly 60 MByte/s. However, copying the same file to the same client via SCP immediately hits GBit line speed at 110 MByte/s. It shouldn't be a hardware limitation, I can read the...
  7. M

    Unbearable scp speeds on gigabit network.

    Hello dear fellow BSD superusers. I come before you today to ask a question that has been killing me for the last 15 hours of my life. Situation is as follows: 1VPS on proxmox latest version node running Freebsd 9.3/10.2/10.3 amd64 (I put 3 ver. here because I tried with 3) 1VPS on proxmox...