1. nicogoldman22

    Kernel panics when given a high workload

    Hello! Good Monday to all the FreeBSD community. I am working on the FreeBSD kernel for my university thesis. The idea is to make changes to the FreeBSD short-time scheduler so that all its operations are based on the concept of Petri Nets. We already have the modeling of said scheduler and the...
  2. H

    C tdq_runq_add

    Is MIN and MAX realtime in comment /* * This queue contains only priorities between MIN and MAX * realtime. Use the whole queue to represent these values. */ a typo or am I understanding it wrong? /* * Add a thread to the actual run-queue. Keeps transferable counts up to *...
  3. amiramix

    ZFS nice for disk?

    I am unpacking a large tar file. top -m io shows that bsdtar uses 100.00% (not sure of what, probably disk io). Is it possible to "throttle" the disk usage when starting the tar command in a similar way that nice -n 20 would "throttle" the amount of CPU the process takes (alters the scheduling...
  4. G

    ULE Scheduler Internals

    I am in an Operating Systems class at my university, and I am working on a presentation about Unix process scheduling. I decided to focus on the ULE scheduler because I have been looking to move to FreeBSD for a while. This is a deep dive into the scheduler internals. As such, I have a few...