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  1. C

    Ruby 1.9 Fails to install

    Get this error... compiling ripper cc -I. -I../../.ext/include/amd64-freebsd8 -I../.././include -I../.././ext/ripper -I../.. -I../../. -DRUBY_EXTCONF_H=\"extconf.h\" -fPIC -O2 -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -O2 -Wall -Wno-parentheses -fPIC -oripper.o -c ripper.c {standard input}: Assembler...
  2. S

    Unabled to Build Ruby After Update to 8.1

    I just managed to update to FreeBSD 8.1 via a combination of freebsd-update and build/installworld. On my core machine, everything is great. However, it hosts a number of jails, configured as per the handbook (, and updating them has...
  3. W

    How to deinstall ruby?

    Dear all, I am a newbie in the FreeBSD world. Here is the thing, I am so stupid to install ruby in a wrong way so that I don't know how to deinstall it from my server (OS: FreeBSD 8.0) now. I did the following things: 1. wget
  4. B

    Major FreeBSD flaw: ruby gems should not be ported

    Hi, I use Ruby on Rails, and on FreeBSD I see that there is a devel/ruby-gems port and rubygem-* ports. I think it's wrong, rubygems and gems belong to Ruby and shouldn't be handled by freebsd's port system. Moreover Nginx requires ruby-gems and rubygem-rake, installing from scratch rubygems...
  5. B

    Ruby ports confused

    Hi, So first Ruby1.8.7 got automatically installed when I wanted to install Nginx. But I really wanted to try Ruby1.9 so I reinstalled Nginx and Ruby. But Rails has problems with Ruby1.9 so I want to revert back to Ruby1.8, but now it's confused, and me as well: cd /usr/ports/lang/ruby18 #...
  6. B

    Ruby 1.9.1 problem with Rails 2.3.8

    It seems there is a bug with Ruby19 port: $ rails my_app undefined method `camelize' for "app":String The problems seems to be with iconv: $ irb19 irb(main):001:0> require 'iconv' LoadError: no such file to load -- iconv from (irb):1:in `require' from (irb):1 from...
  7. Y

    portupgrade fails with a Ruby exception

    I'm trying to upgrade KDE4 (because of new gettext). First I issued # portupgrade -rR gettext and portupgrade started gathering dependencies but died with an exception "ArgumentError" (listing below), on the first encountered KDE4 port (kdetoys or smth). I deleted kdetoys, and run the same...
  8. E

    Ruby compilation also fails in i386 jail on amd64 host

    I'm using tinderbox to compile packages for both i386 and amd64. I've successfully compiled over 230 ports for i386, however, the only one failing is ruby-1.8.7-p248. In file included from version.c:14: version.h:29:41: warning: no newline at end of file cc -I/usr/include -O2...
  9. W

    Building of ruby-1.8.7-p248 failed.

    Hi there, as you can see, I tried to install portupgrade by using the portstree, but compiling of ruby failed. These are some lines before the error occurs and the error itself. [...] In file included from version.c:14: version.h:29:41: warning: no newline at end of file cc -I/usr/include -O2...
  10. z3R0

    Installing Subversion, Apache2.2, Ruby bindings, and warehouseapp

    Has anyone successfully installed Subversion with ruby bindings plus warehouseapp, apache2.2 (mod_dav) and svnserv (svn + ssh) and ldap? WareHouseApp I installed subversion (not sure if properly) using svnserve (svn+ssh) and i can connect to the repository but I can't write to it, I get a...
  11. A

    Ruby Gems - Require Trouble - FreeBSD 8.0 + Ruby 1.9.1

    Hi, I'm running a fresh install of FreeBSD 8-STABLE (installed then updated to STABLE as of 27 Jan. 2010). All ports are freshly built and installed. THE PROBLEM: After installing Ruby 1.9.1 and several gems via the Ports collection, ruby scripts that use the gems fail to load...
  12. N

    Trouble configuring Ruby on Rails

    I'm trying to get a Ruby on Rails application up and running but when I point my browser to http://localhost/public I get the following error from Phusion Passenger: Error message: undefined method `map' for nil:NilClass Exception Class: NoMethodError Here's the first two lines of the...
  13. map7

    Ruby no such file to load

    I'm trying to use the mailfactory gem under FreeBSD and have a feeling that this is more a Permissions problem under FreeBSD than it is a ruby problem. Here is the test code I'm using #!/usr/bin/env ruby require 'net/smtp' require 'rubygems' require 'mailfactory' mail =
  14. viniosity

    newbie q: updating from ruby 1.8 to ruby 1.9

    I have ruby 1.8.6 installed and just did an install of Ruby 1.9. ruby -v still shows 1.8 as active though. I had thought maybe to find a symlinkn in /usr/local/bin that pointed ruby to 1.8 vs 1.9 but i didn't. How can I get rid of 1.8 or make 1.9 the default?
  15. UNIXgod

    Ruby on Rails runtime issues

    Just trying to get this started. running into some problems. Here is the error: other info if it helps: what am I missing here? I initailly installed rails via this howto: