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    FreeBSD 14.0 RTL8192EU usb wifi, hostapd error

    Hello everyone. I ran into a problem, if someone could test it I would appreciate it: System: FreeBSD 14.0 - fresh install USB wifi dongle - Realtek RTL8192EU Modules: rtwn if_rtwn_usb I configure the wlan0 interface: ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev rtwn0 wlanmode hostap ifconfig wlan0 inet...
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    network / usb 2.0 wi-fi: RTL8192eu realtek (802.11n)

    Hello! I'm completely new, tell me, does this usb network adapter work on this operating system? Officially, this adapter works on: Linux ; Mac OS Catalina; Windows Why am I creating this topic? because I tried to connect to the wifi network, but without success I was looking for various...