1. U

    FreeBSD not boot on RPI4(Rapsberry PI 4) 8GB

    Hi! i just start my journi in the FreeBSD world and i want to make some servers on my Raspberry pi, the problem is that the boot is stuck at the mighty Rainbow screen i try some fix on the net one of them was to replace some file start4.elf, fixup4.dat and u-boot.bin but it uas for an other...
  2. A

    RPI4 additional serial ports do not work

    I'm trying to connect a GPS module to my RPI4B via an additional serial port, but it doesn't work for me. [root@rhino /]# uname -a FreeBSD rhino.xxx 13.0-STABLE FreeBSD 13.0-STABLE #0 stable/13-n249182-6f840e49af37: Sun Jan 30 01:48:22 +04 2022...
  3. Nick C

    Has anyone installed 13.0-RELEASE on a RPI 4 with ZFS

    I would like to put 13.0-RELEASE on a RPI 4 4GB, using ZFS. I've previously installed it successfully using the img file, which comes with UFS, and that worked fine. I now would like to try ZFS for familiarising myself with ZFS. I followed this Reddit comment to a post I made on how to...
  4. C

    RPI4 w/ 21:9 monitor and 3440x1440 resolution hangs on boot

    I'm stumped with a problem and would appreciate any pointers for troubleshooting. I got my RPI to start booting in 3440x1440 with the following /boot/msdos/config.txt: [all] arm_64bit=1 dtparam=audio=on,i2c_arm=on,spi=on dtoverlay=mmc dtoverlay=disable-bt device_tree_address=0x4000...
  5. JonnySac

    cron daemon date/time +4 hours ahead of system date/time on RPI4?

    Hi, I've been using FreeBSD 13.0 on an RPI 4 and I noticed something weird when setting up a cron job. I could not get the cron job to run, so I inspected /var/log/cron and found 2 different datetimes. As you can see below, it logs when I edit the crontab using the correct datetime of the...
  6. A

    Solved RPi4 Status and sysutils/rpi-firmware

    More of a PSA than actual thread. Read the following links and share your thought. This matter is near dear to my heart. Also if you have specific technical suggestions please, head over the mailing list, and share your opinion by reply/email over there. Quote the TL;DR from the original email...